Lakeland's Little Learners is Wisconsin State licensed

YoungStar Award - Lakeland's Little Learners 

Importance of Early Childhood Care

In this day and age the necessity of two incomes has become a reality. So, where do all the children go? Hopefully, to a quality child care facility.

Scientists state that by the time a child is three years old, 85% of the brain structure is in place. This time frame offers a huge opportunity to stimulate brain development. Research proves high quality child care programs produce positive short and long term effects for children. With these startling facts, it becomes obvious how important the early childhood years are.

Lakeland's Little Learners

Lakeland's Little Learners has been awarded a five star rating in YoungStar.

Lakeland's Little Learners is a state licensed child care center located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. We are a non-profit organization. We serve children ages 2 weeks through 13 years. The center was originally established in 1985 at Lakeland Nursing Home with an enrollment of 12 children. As we continued to grow, we moved into our own building in the Elkhorn Business Park. We now provide child care for 228 families (407 children) from Elkhorn and surrounding communities.

Our Vision

We believe that it is vital that young children have a rich and nurturing environment in which to spend their days. Our vision to accomplish this:

- A facility that offers warm, safe and engaging areas with adequate space.

- Materials that will stimulate the child's play and development.

- Curriculum that will enrich the child's day and help them to achieve their full potential.

- To recruit and keep quality teachers that are educated and compensated so they can continue to give their best to the children and families they came for.